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We can agree that money is not the most important thing in life, but we know that many things in life that we want and need cost money. Medical care, education for our children, decent housing, and just trying to make it to the end of the month are issues that someone is struggling with whom you may know. These people may be challenged with excessive debt resulting in less available money, work-life imbalance, or poor family relationships and physical health which may include chronic stress, high blood pressure, heart disease, excessive weight, and other chronic ailments. Often, we may think that increasing income will solve the problem but that is not always true.
We offer an innovative Four-Step Financial Program, a purpose-driven approach to managing personal cash to create new wealth and gain financial independence. The financial problems can be addressed with some success in reducing the threat against your personal health. This program can help you to realize significant improvements in personal finance in 30-60 days. You will be excited and invigorated over the new you. Further, changes in work-life balance, career enhancement, and health benefits can occur.
So, the moment is now for you to choose. Let’s not refuse, abuse, or lose it.
Apply now to start feeling the joy of being a master over your money and enjoy the quest for financial independence.

What’s Included?


• Determine current spending pattern;
• Self-Assessment of knowledge, skills, and attitude in areas of finance, health, personal growth and self-fulfillment


• Record a 3 to 5 year-customized Vision/Goal/Plan

PowerSpending Process

• Establish interim working goals
• Plan increase in cash flow using strategies to increase income and reduce expenses
• Manage cash flow by goal-directed spending
• Build capital to reserve and invest through regular deposits from cash flow


• Review progress for correction, change, or enhance


• Select support ongoing from one of the three Personal Coaching, Mentorship, or Accountability-Partnering program
• Proposal for success to increase net worth excluding personal residence
• Proposal to increase passive income and net worth through investments in securities, real estate, or business-start-up


• Assessment consist of a review in seven areas for financial independence: Economy, Physical Health, Earnings, Cash management system, Wealth creation, asset protection, and Evaluation
• Level of performance in the listed areas yields a determination of the status of financial independence.

My wife and I had been struggling to understand our finances for many years. Then, we discovered Fred James’ book, “Spend Don’t Save.” We met with Fred to discuss his philosophy, and how to “take action.” He provided direction and advice that helped us to meet our needs and goals. I highly recommend his guidance to anyone feeling the need to improve their finances and personal lives.

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Books and Publications

Charlotte Speaks: The Joy of Getting What You Want and more!

One Monday morning, on his way to school, Jimmy spotted a 24-speed mountain bike in the window of his favorite bike shop. It was a shiny bike; cobalt blue, with fiery red flames on the sides and bright headlights for night riding. You are invited into the household of the Woodlock family to see how Jimmy brings his dream to reality and learns lifetime principles.

Spend Don’t Save:

How to Improve Your Financial and Physical Health by PowerSpending?
Many things in life are more important than money. Just about all of them cost money. If you want more of these things in your life than you have right now, this book is for you…

About Me

Dr. Frederick James, MD, opens the door of life learning to new generations of American families teaching how to control money and empower personal wealth and better health. His belief is that awareness, preparation, and opportunity contributed to his success of being able to complete college without debt and finish medical school with just an outstanding student loan debt of about $3,500. Dr. Fred’s life experiences led to his deep understanding of how wise money behavior transforms lives. His Brand’s kindness, patience, and discipline share a proven method. Its a system of decision-making and action for parents to use and share with children as they become interested in money. Then all family members will know the secret to grow wealth from personal income to preserve and multiply their wealth over time. As an MD, his coaching stimulates better health by pre-empting much stress and anxiety surrounding money issues.

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How Much Does It Cost?

I want to ask you a few questions. Do you spend a portion of each day being concern about money? Are your finances where you think they should be? Have you made a significant improvement in your net worth excluding personal residence over the past 3 to 5 years? Can you handle a $3,000 payment if required immediately of you today? Can you manage if your income was suddenly reduced by 90% for 60 to 90 days?

I can continue with more questions like these which may appear before you at any time or place during the day. If you have difficulty responding to these questions, why continue to tolerate and live under these financial attacks when there is a way out? You can gain control of your finances and turn your life around. The opportunity cost is much greater than the cost of your decision to gain control of your finances and start creating new wealth. I can help you cross over the gap between where you are and the place where you want to be in a better position.

Let’s set up a few minutes to talk about your vision, goals, plan, and your finances. Let’s see what we can work out.

Seize this moment now. Choose not to refuse, abuse or lose it.

I look forward to meeting you!

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