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Dr. Frederick James, MD, opens the door of life learning to new generations of American families teaching how to control money and empower personal wealth and better health. His belief is that awareness, preparation, and opportunity contributed to his success of being able to complete college without debt and finish medical school with just an outstanding student loan debt of about $3,500. Dr. Fred’s life experiences led to his deep understanding of how wise money behavior transforms lives. His Brand’s kindness, patience, and discipline share a proven method. Its a system of decision-making and action for parents to use and share with children as they become interested in money. Then all family members will know the secret to grow wealth from personal income to preserve and multiply their wealth over time. As an MD, his coaching stimulates better health by pre-empting much stress and anxiety surrounding money issues.

The Brand’s impact spreads through inspirational and instructional live speaking events and workshops. Dr. James, the Brand’s Founder and
colleagues, speaks to general audiences and especially parents, expecting parents, and educators who sincerely want to control their money, and not let money control them. The Brand then teaches children directly through age-appropriate curricula. The Brand presents its training and coaching programs to individuals and educators. The Brand accelerates its impact by leveraging platforms of published books, video, digital publishing and training, and integrated Internet marketing, in multiple languages.

Dr. James’ work and the messages and training of the Brand create a paradigm shift in the money mindset and the money behaviors of individuals and families, which propels them on a path towards wealth grounded in the wisdom that transcends time and culture. The Brand creates an ongoing legacy opening the door to new generations to become effective financial masters of money and to pass that legacy on in their families and to those whose lives they touch.

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